As the leading provider of Bikram yoga in Tempe, Paradise Valley and Scottsdale, The Foundry offers a holistic mix of hot yoga, power yoga, pilates, HIIT, and barre classes - designed to transform and empower. 

The Basic

 Reduce stress and decompress with this 60-minute restorative warm yoga class. It is great for everyone, helping you calm the breath and open up your hips.  The Basic class is slower paced, so if you’re new to yoga or just looking for something more relaxed, this is a great class for you. 

bikram yoga

Heal your body with 90-minutes of Bikram yoga. 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises - this class is suitable for all ages and levels of ability. It is a beginning yoga class in a heated room and is specifically designed to build strength, flexibility and endurance, while being therapeutic for the mind and body.

The Express

Build stamina and get a good sweat in this 60-minute class. Based on the Bikram Yoga series, it is perfect for students with moderate yoga experience or for those looking to lose weight and improve cardiovascular conditioning. This fast-paced class performs all 26 postures done in the 90 minute class and more. 

Hot Pilates

Improve core strength and flexibility with the Hot Pilates class through traditional mat Pilates movements. We have 45-minute and 60-minute Pilates classes. Modifications and variations provided to optimize individual conditioning. It’s ideal for all levels of ability and performed in a heated room.

hot barre

Lengthen, strengthen and tone in this 45-minute Hot Barre class, combining traditional ballet movements that require balance and stimulate the core. Hot Barre includes the use of the barre as a tool for emphasis on form, alignment and core engagement while focusing on breath and the mind-body connection. 

Music Class

Get moving with 75 minutes of teacher-led yoga set to an eclectic mix of music. This class features the Bikram Yoga series and is done in a heated room.

Power YOGA

Go with the flow in Power Yoga! We have 60-minute and 75-minute options of Power Yoga - all with music - this is a great introduction to intermediate yoga postures. This flow class builds strength and improves flexibility through a step-by-step approach.


 Time to pump it up with 45 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This class is great for everyone and is done in a heated room. The goal is to vary intensity intervals to increase aerobic and anaerobic endurance. The music is up and the energy is high - be prepared to sweat and have fun in Hot HIIT!

                     Intro to handstands


Whether you are brand new to handstands or a seasoned pro - come evolve your handstand practice! Proper technique and conditioning exercises will be the main focus as you learn inversions in a group class! This class is an additional fee and is not included in the monthly membership or class cards. Foundry Member Drop-Ins are $15. Regular Drop-Ins are $18. Or purchase a Handstand 8-Class Card for $100.


Kids Yoga (ages 5-12)

This class will start with a meditation, followed by 20-30 minutes of yoga practice, a popcorn snack break, and then mindful crafts & activities. Kids Yoga is for children ages 5-12 and is 9:30am - 11:00am on Saturdays at the PV studio. $10 per class, and $5 for siblings! Parents must be staying to take class during that time as well.

Mini kids club (ages 1-5)

We have created a fun, relaxing, and thoughtful space in our front room at the PV studio to take care of your children. This is your alternative to finding child care while you get in your workout and relaxation time. Mini Kids Club is for children ages 1-5 and is offered Monday through Friday from 8:15am – 11:15am (reservation required). $10 per session or purchase a 5-pack for just $40. A typical day at Mini Kids Club includes: Music & Dance with Rhythm Scarves, Circle Time with Books & Songs, Mini Yoga Class & Meditation, and Craft Time.