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Tao Yoga w/David King (NON-HEATED)

This will be a donation-based class, led by David King.

The focus on Tao Yoga is on one of the 8 pillars of the philosophy labeled the Tao of Revitalization or ‘self healing”. The philosophy and method of thinking, breathing and moving comprises over 1000 internal exercises designed to work with the natural inclinations of the body to strengthen, revitalize, energize the internal organs and systems of the body.  Energy manifestation is a huge part of how the Taoist achieved the success they did when developing these techniques.

The one hour class will be progressive over time but will initially start with and opening warmup of the following:

Lung Exercise (7 sets)

Dragon Awakes ( a centering movement which draws attention to the persons center)

8 Directional or “energizing” exercises (specific movements based on directional electro-magnetic forces). 

12 Nerve Exercises - ( a sequence of specific movement developed by Dharma), to “alter” or renew the nerves.  What Dharma postulated was the root cause of all of mankind illnesses.

12 Zodiac Exercises - Life is to live, and living is a function. Energy + Organ = FUNCTION  Exercises focused of the biorhythm or biological clock is the regulation of energy flow in the body at specific time throughout the 24 hour daily cycle.

5 Animal Exercise- will strengthen and revitalize specific organs and bowls as they relate to five distinct animal movements and mental focus and concentration. 

Class will conclude with one of many meditative, contemplative and breathing exercises.  (North Star Meditiation, Candlelight Contemplation, Crane, Deer and Turtle Exercise, Bone Breathing Exercise, etc.) 

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Tao Yoga w/David King (NON-HEATED)