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1 Guest Pass at The Foundry Flagstaff & Founders Exclusive T-Shirt.

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Thank you so much for becoming a Founder! We truly appreciate your support and love our Foundry Family. We will keep you updated as the Founders Exclusive T-Shirt will be available for pick-up at our Grand Opening Party at The Foundry Flagstaff. (You will be able to pick up your goods at your home studio if you are not able to make it to our Grand Opening Party in Flagstaff!)

Terms and Conditions

1. There is no vested interest in the The Foundry by the member. Membership fees are non-refundable and/or transferable. Terms are subject to change without notice. 

2. Acknowledgment of Membership Rights. The Foundry AZ is owned and operated by Nicole's yoga llc and the yoga llc hereinafter referred to as the “Owner,” I hereby acknowledge that my membership is not an investment in the ownership of the Foundry AZ, nor does it provide equity or ownership interest in the Foundry AZ, which are owned solely by the Owner. Membership is a non-proprietary, non-voting membership and permits member to use the locations in accordance with the Membership Agreement and the Rules and Regulations. The Foundry reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to restrict or to otherwise reserve the Foundry locations for maintenance and other special events from time to time. Membership allows the use the Foundry locations and is subject to revocation with cause. The Foundry reserves the right to discontinue operation of any or all of the locations, to sell or otherwise dispose of any or all of the Foundry locations in any manner, whatsoever, and to any person whomsoever, and to make any other changes in the terms and conditions of membership or the The Foundry locations available for use by members. 

3. Hold Harmless. I hereby acknowledge that the use of the Foundry AZ and any privilege or service incident to membership in the Studio is voluntary and that any use or acceptance of any service or privilege incident to membership is undertaken with knowledge of the risk of possible injury. I hereby accept any and all risk of injury to myself, my guests and family members sustained while using the Foundry Locations or involved in any event or activity incident to membership in the Studio. In accepting this risk of injury, I understand that I am relieving the Owner and the operator of the Studio Facilities and those employed by or affiliated with the Owner and the operation or the Studio Facilities from any and all loss, cost, claims, injury, damage or liability sustained or incurred by myself, my guests and family members resulting from or arising out of any conduct or event connected with membership in the Studio and use of any of the Studio Facilities.