THREE Locations in phoenix


The Foundry's three Phoenix studios are ideally located across the metro area featuring impeccable amenities and facilities, and all offering the same happy, welcoming smiles to our students and visitors. Foundry Flagstaff coming soon!

Designing The Perfect Experience

The Foundry is committed to providing top-notch facilities to create an ideal experience for our students at all locations. Get a better understanding of how every aspect of our studios were designed with this goal in mind:

Locker Rooms

All of our studios feature spacious locker rooms, nicely stocked with all the necessary amenities to make your pre and post-class experience enjoyable. Both the men’s and women’s spaces have ample storage, showers, vanities, and lockers with complimentary locks. A drinking fountain with filtered water and a bottle filling station is also available.


Our studio rooms feature state-of-the-art equipment to provide students an optimal experience in the most comforting and healthiest environment possible. Our recently renovated (Nov. 2018) Paradise Valley location has three studio rooms providing a variety of classes throughout the day.

HVAC Equipment

Our HVAC system controls the heat, humidity, and air quality throughout the studio rooms to create the perfect environment for hot yoga, hot pilates classes and more. It is vitally important to us that we offer a controlled environment for students by achieving the targeted temperature and humidity level.

Steam Humidifiers

Humidity is a very important part of the studio's class experience. Using sophisticated humidifiers allows us to provide a consistent environment and maintain optimal levels of humidity.

Custom Fresh Air Intake System

Our custom fresh air intake system allows us to quickly exchange the stale air in the room with fresh air. This provides ideal oxygen levels, optimizing the benefits of our classes for our students.

Ultraviolet UV Kit

Each of our studio rooms is equipped with a UV light system specifically designed to disinfect the HVAC unit, and to freshen air, fight odor and reduce indoor air pollution without the use of chemicals. Additionally, this system also increases the energy efficiency of our HVAC units, minimizing our carbon footprint.


Proper flooring is an essential component of a positive hot yoga experience. We use two types of flooring depending on the room. 

Tandus-Centiva Custom Flooring  – The special flooring has the look of carpet but don’t be fooled. This type of floor is perfect for the hot yoga room. Its nylon fibers are anti-microbial, and a non-porous, waterproof vinyl backing provides a great non-slip surface that can be easily cleaned.

Zebra Flooring  – Designed specifically for use in hot yoga studios. It is also anti-microbial, waterproof, slip resistant, and gentle on the feet and joints. This flooring has a tatami textured vinyl surface, providing for sure footing and shock absorption. Additionally, it does not release particles, filaments or harmful gases, providing a dust-free, non-toxic and hypoallergenic environment. This flooring is installed in all three studio rooms at the Paradise Valley studio.

All floors are cleaned nightly and steam cleaned weekly.


Our yoga rooms were designed to maximize their insulating properties. Double drywall and closed-cell spray foam has been used to insulate the studio rooms ceiling and support the insulated roof. Another benefit of our flooring is its insulation properties, which prevent heat and humidity from escaping through sub-flooring, further reducing our energy expenditure and carbon footprint.