a few great reasons to choose the foundry

In addition to being the Valley’s leading provider of Bikram Hot Yoga, we offer a holistic mix of additional Hot Yoga classes, Hot Pilates, Hot HIIT, Hot Barre and Power Yoga designed to transform and empower you to grow and evolve. In every second of every class, in every droplet of sweat, in every movement of muscle, there is something to be discovered and learned. We offer hot and warm classes that range in length from 45 - 90 minutes. We have 3 locations (Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe) and offer over 100 classes each week. As the Valley’s first purveyors of Bikram Yoga, we believe our history sets us apart. We have been believers in hot yoga since day one. We are purists and innovators who continuously look for ways to empower our students on their personal pathway toward positive growth and transformation.

We’re for real

  • We were the first hot yoga studio in Arizona
  • We’re proud to be locally owned and operated in the Phoenix valley
  • More than 150 years of combined yoga experience on staff

We’re about results

  • We combine systematic sequences with scientific methods
  • Our approach to Bikram yoga works most major muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, organs and glands
  • It is about physical, mental, and spiritual transformation

We’re approachable

  • Our knowledgeable and caring staff puts you first
  • Children’s classes are scheduled at the same time as adults
  • Our warm class is great for newbies and people recovering from serious injuries 
  • We have a great community and awesome events!