Nicole Deacon and Todd Deacon are certified Bikram yoga teachers and owners of The Foundry.

A bit about ourselves

Hi! We’re Nicole and Todd Deacon, sister and brother, both born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona. We started practicing yoga in 1995 at the Old Town Scottsdale location, which was the first hot yoga studio in Arizona and the fourth Bikram Yoga studio in the world. Our teacher, Cintra Brown, studied with Bikram for about a decade before moving from Los Angeles to Scottsdale. Nicole completed her teacher training program with Bikram in 2005 and continued volunteering and serving as faculty for over 15 trainings. In 2006, we purchased the Paradise Valley location.

Bikram to the core

We are strongly rooted in the Bikram Yoga Methodology.  We’ve seen Bikram Yoga transform the lives of thousands for the better, and it’s incredibly gratifying to watch their stories unfold. Parents learning to be more patient with their kids, athletes healing injuries without surgery, individuals freeing themselves from medications, and countless others feeling more empowered in their jobs and relationships.

We take on all comers

We strive to make Bikram Yoga accessible to as many people as possible. Early on, we noticed that many people were intimidated by the heat and overwhelmed by the intensity of the class.  So we developed The Basic class sequence. It’s warm instead of hot, 60 minutes instead of 90, and features gentler poses that focus on opening the hips and strengthening the core. 

We also noticed that students who had practiced the same sequence for decades were ready and willing to try new postures at a faster pace. So we introduced our 60 Express class.   Over time, we also added Hot HIIT, Hot Pilates, Hot Barre, and Power Yoga to help students build strength and maintain proper alignment in their yoga poses. We also began to offer transformational workshops to help people transfer the peace they find on the mat into their everyday lives.

Always evolving

In our decade of providing yoga we had grown out of providing just Bikram Yoga.  We had become a place where lives are transformed through multiple methodologies while surrounded by positive, like-minded community.  We had become The Foundry.   Moving forward, we’re committed to providing the best methodologies for yoga, exercise, and personal transformation. Our purpose is to provide a multi-dimensional experience that empowers people to fearlessly pursue positive change in themselves and in the world around them.

We believe that by inspiring people to grow and evolve themselves, they will spark joy and happiness. Our hope is that this ripple effect will spread joy and happiness to their relationships, their friends, their families, the community, and eventually to the world.