Get the "Yoga Glow"

By Dr. Paul Jerard Yoga provides many physical and mental benefits. One of the most overlooked benefits of Yoga is healthy and beautiful skin. Most people do not decide to practice Yoga for skin benefits. However, you need only to look at mature Yoga practitioners to see the amazing effect that Yoga has on the skin.

While it takes regular Yoga practice and a healthy diet, many people experience a remarkable improvement in their facial complexion and overall healthy appearance of their skin. Yoga increases blood flow and removes toxins from the body. This increased blood flow develops a youthful appearance and reduces the toxins that are released through the skin. The toxins are damaging to the skin, often creating a dry skin surface, with a dull appearance. In addition, the increased blood flow provides essential nutrients to the skin and also aides in collagen production. Collagen is essentially the elastic in the skin. As people age, collagen production diminishes and supple skin disappears.

Yoga develops a healthy mind, body, and soul. This practice relieves tension and stress. Tension and stress are two significant factors in the aging process. If you compare two people of the same age, similar jobs, and similar environmental factors, you will clearly see a stunning difference between the person who practices Yoga and the person who does not engage in physical activity. The person, who practices Yoga, will look significantly younger, which results in a much healthier appearance.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. If the body is ill, the skin reflects this. You rarely see an ill person with radiant skin. If the inside of the body is healthy, then the skin will reflect that health. Many people are beginning to recognize Yoga as one of the best natural anti-aging tools. The health benefits of Yoga, for improving one’s skin, are drawing many people to the practice. In this youth driven culture, Yoga is becoming the most popular method for staying healthy and looking younger.


To achieve the “Yoga glow,” requires a regular practice of at least two times per week. Of course, avoiding excessive sun exposure, alcohol, and smoking plays a role in developing healthy skin and maintaining a youthful appearance. A regular Yoga practice, with a balanced diet and consumption of good quality drinking water, will help one achieve the best possible appearance. This formula will gradually translate into a healthy and radiant appearance. The benefits of Yoga for skin are a bonus for those who have incorporated Yoga into their daily lives.

All of the techniques learned in a typical Yoga class will help practitioners achieve radiant skin. Pranayama techniques increase oxygen flow throughout the body. Asana techniques strengthen, stretch, and tone the body below the surface of skin, but they also relieve tension and stress. Relaxation and meditation enhance mental health, while keeping emotional health in control. Finally, the Yogic lifestyle of moderation helps practitioners to form good dietary and exercise habits.

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