Top 5 Items to Optimize your Bikram Practice

By Niki Fillmore, Retail Manager and Yoga Teacher at Bikram Yoga AZ

Having the best gear for your Bikram Yoga practice will optimize your time and efforts - think of it, you wouldn't wear football shoes to play tennis?! In that way, having gear that is specifically designed for hot yoga will have you looking and feeling your best. I've been working with suppliers of hot yoga gear for years now as the retail manager of Bikram Yoga AZ, and these are my top 5 items that are a must-have for the hot yogi. All of these items are available in the BYAZ boutiques, and make great holiday gifts for yourself or your loved ones!

1. {{{Fast-Drying}}} Kulae Yoga Mat

Constructed using closed cell technology (so germs, bacteria + odor cannot penetrate the mat surface) and weighing less than 2 pounds, there is no finer or more hygienic lightweight yoga mat on the market today.

2. {{{HydroFlask}}} Water Bottle

By incorporating double-wall vacuum insulation, this bottle ensures that cold liquids will stay cold for up to 24 hours (perfect for the hot room!). Made with BPA-free materials, food-grade stainless steel & a range of fun, durable colors.

3. {{{Comfortable}}} Yoga Clothes

The yoga is already hard enough! Don't let your clothes be a distraction. Invest in active apparel that is functional, flexible and flattering. Yoga clothes should be durable and breathable, made from fast-drying material keeps bodies cool, dry and comfortable. Some of our favorites are: Onzie, LaLaLand, Mika, Shakti, Hot Drop & 72K.

4. {{{Ultima}}} Electrolyte Replacement

Ultima Replenisher is an advanced, balanced electrolyte drink. Optimal hydration requires a good balance of the macro and micro-essential electrolytes in the human body. Ultima provides these essential electrolytes roughly in proportion to what is lost in human perspiration.

5. {{{Bikram's Orange}}} Book

Every Bikram yoga student should have a copy of this book! Bikram discusses in his book how to whip your body, mind, and spirit into shape. The 26 postures and two breathing exercises in Bikram's brilliant hatha yoga series are each given their own mini-chapter; each consisting first of a mini-lecture, the instructions for each pose, and a quick list of the benefits to be derived specifically from that pose. Additional chapters on yoga for stress, insomnia, obesity & weight control, arthritis, diabetes, and cancer patients.

All of these items are available in our studio boutiques!!