What a Year!

Incredible things happen when you share your passion. Check out what our community accomplished this year.

  • We officially changed our name to The Foundry in February!!!!!
  • We added new and exciting classes; Hot Pilates, Hot HIIT, Hot Barre.
  • We added a third studio to The Foundry Family; the Tempe-Rio Salado studio.
  • We hosted our 4th OHM Yoga Teacher Training, graduating 10 new yoga teachers.
  • We hosted our 1st OHM Pilates & Hot HIIT Teacher Training, graduating 8 teachers.
  • We hosted 14 workshops at our studios, ranging from posture clinics to self development.
  • We hosted 4 community events with over 500 people in attendance. 
  • We hosted 4 challenges and had over 400 people complete these challenges. 
  • We donated over 150 pounds of food to a local shelter, along with clothing & toys. 
  • We donated over $1,000 to local charities. 
  • We announced our first-ever Yoga & Pilates Healing Retreat in Bali! (happening July 2018)
  • We were absolutely and completely INSPIRED by the 5,339 students who came to our studios, taking a total of 79,548 classes this year!!!!!!!

We can't wait to see you and sweat with you in the new year! Join us for the New Year, New You Challenge starting on Monday, January 1st. The goal is to complete 50 classes in 60 days. #NewYearNewYou #WeGotThis #50in60