My Experience: 60 Days of Hot Yoga

My Experience: 60 Days of Hot Yoga by Jenna Ptacek

A few months ago I was talking to a doctor and I told him that I had been really stressed out lately (more stressed than I had ever been); he mentioned that he did hot yoga to help with stress, so I decided to give it a shot.  I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am that I did.  Shortly after attending a couple classes, I decided to do a 60-day challenge… this experience has been life changing.  

Immediately I started seeing benefits.  Not only was my stress level starting to diminish, I began losing weight and gaining muscle, I became more flexible, and I noticed my postures were improving.  But it didn’t stop there, I feel like as I look back, it just got better and better.  Or maybe it’s because I was doing my postures better and better and so the benefits just got better and better 😊.  Either way, by the end of the 60 days… I noticed that things that would have bothered me a few months ago – didn’t bother me, I noticed that I was more confident, and I noticed I had gained more clarity.  I have always been a happy person, but after this experience my happiness has gone to a whole new level.  Just yesterday I was walking around Costco (evidently smiling) and a guy said to me – ‘I want whatever you have because you are so happy.’  I said, ‘It’s hot yoga.’ I can’t make that up!  The benefits are unreal.

I can’t say the challenge was easy – there were a couple times where I was like – ‘What the heck was I thinking, 60 days straight of this?!?!’ but then I thought about how much better I felt and that quickly squashed that thought.

As for what’s next... I feel like I am still at the beginning of my journey and I am just stoked for what is to come. 

I feel like myself again.