Student of the Month: Susan Good


I began practicing Bikram yoga almost five years ago.  I began at another studio in Phoenix, but after a year, and moving to north Phoenix, I joined Bikram Yoga Paradise Valley.  On the first day of practice at PV (with Terri as the instructor!) I knew I had found my “home”!  I have been practicing there regularly ever since.

I was an avid runner prior to BY.  I never had any serious injuries running, but it was definitely taking a toll on my body.  I decided it was time to “mix it up” and find a better way to exercise mind and body, while gaining better overall strength

BY was recommended to me by a physician who I work with, who also is a runner.  He said that he had found the combination of running and yoga was a great way to heal the body while also building core strength and gaining better mental balance.  I had some lower back pain as well as “lower butt pain” from running- all better now, and I can run again! I was also experiencing a difficult time in my life, and practicing BY helped me to deal with that stress and move forward.  It worked!!! I’ve met new friends who know how important this yoga is.  I also have achieved more balance in my life, and have learned to keep things in perspective.

It is the best mind/body/spiritual “exercise” I have ever experienced!

My favorite posture is Rabbit.  I love the way it stretches the entire spine from the neck to the coccyx. I also really like Camel Pose, for the same spine stretching.  Plus, I’m pretty good at those two!

Susan's advice to new students: Keep going!!  The first several classes are very challenging, and it would be easy to give up after one or two times of going.  Soon, as the practice becomes incorporated into one’s life, it would be almost impossible to give it up.

"You can have anything you want, but you can’t have everything.  Be happy with the choices you have made and live life to the fullest."

Top 5 things I love about Bikram Yoga

1.  The hot, sweaty classes where everybody looks like the same “drowned rat” by the end

2. The amazing instructors, and their humor, wisdom, and encouragement

3.  The events such as Yoga in the Park and The Holiday Party

4. The way the classes are all the same, yet each one is different

5.  The way I feel during and after every class!!