Enjoy the Moment

Imagine practicing Bikam Yoga for a decade! Well our November students of the month have done just that! Neeta and Bharat have been practicing for 11 and 10 years, respectively. Neeta started at the urging of friend who told her about BYPV and within a year Bharat was practicing as well. Having suffered from significant neck pain and generalized arthritic pain for years, Neeta says Bikram Yoga has really helped to lessen these ailments and improve her physical well-being.

Bharat, who was already very active and healthy prior to practicing, (gym, weight training, cardio, personal trainer, sauna steam room, hiking, 5 and 10k runs) says that he has stuck with just the yoga for the past 10 years, never looking back on all of the other exercises he used to do. He says, "That tells you how much I like this and how many benefits I have experienced from yoga". His weight is under his control, HDL went up from 39 to 59, all numbers were good on his recent physical, he feels good, sleeps well, performs actively, and has no tiredness.

As Bharat talks about the yoga, he states, "Yoga has been an ancient Indian method of keeping ones mind and body in harmony. It has been practiced over 5000 years. There are many different types of yoga and all help, but Bikram has formatted this ancient yoga in such a scientific way so that it can be easily applied in today's busy life and yet still get all of the benefits of yoga."

Neeta's advice to new students is to "keep coming to class and continue your practice! That is the key to gaining the most benefits from Bikram Yoga." Bharat advises, "Be fortunate to have discovered Bikram Yoga in America which was only kept to the East. Be patient, and continue the practice at your own level and all the benefits are just the bi-products as your mind and body become harmonious. Be peaceful, be in the present, and enjoy the moment."