Community hands
Community hands

As a coach, I am a champion for champions, and I champion champions. Many champions seek to win championships. Other champions champion for a cause, a value, a belief system, a religion, or a person, or group. Championship is the act of championing. Championship can be the act of championing a champion to win a championship. Champions mentor, coach, and nurture upcoming champions. Championing nurtures community. Community nurtures champions and championship nurtures community.   We are the champions <cue music> of the world! OK, I have to stop! I am making myself dizzy with this word game! And yet, every statement made, means something. We all are, or have the capacity to be, champions and to champion others. In this article, when I speak about champions, I am speaking about you and me.

As a coach I have seen, time and time again, people (champions) create incredible results, reach heights they didn’t think possible, take courageous action, and have deep, meaningful – even life-changing insights. All of these results came from the individual, not from the coach. And yet, having a coach, having someone who champions them, supports them in whatever their aspirations are, does make a difference! Is it support? Accountability? Cheerleading? Championing? Having someone on your side, believing in you no matter what? Someone who will be honest and still unconditionally accepting of you? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes! And more. Who wouldn’t do better, BE better with that kind of support? No one – that’s who! Who would do – and BE better when championed, coached, and nurtured? Everyone – that’s who!

Champions don’t need a ‘Yes” man. What a champion (you/me) needs is someone who, while championing them, believes in them absolutely, and who doesn’t buy into their B.S. Who is rigorously honest, reflects – like a mirror – what is seen – the good, the bad, the ugly (without judging you as good, bad or ugly). As coach, when I champion you, I SEE you. I HEAR you. Many people go through their lives without truly being seen. Or heard. There is so much power in these things, alone; to be truly seen and heard; in allowing yourself to be truly seen and heard. Then, add to that, someone who sees and believes in your possibility, has a stand for you, and you in turn, see and believe in your possibility, and have a stand for yourself. Now, you are unstoppable. Now, you have someone who is championing you. Now, you have a coach.

Community – belonging to a group of people to whom you are connected is another thing that supports the champion. In a sense, your community is your team. As team members grow, thrive, struggle, fall, pick themselves up and grow again, they are nurtured, loved, supported, challenged, and called forward by each other. Now, you’re even more unstoppable. Now you are championing and being championed by your team. Now you have community – a tribe – a team.

We live in a fast-moving, highly individualistic culture, where we are so often left alone to figure things out and try to succeed on our own. This can be lonely, isolating and devoid of joy, intimacy and connection. The champion (you/me) who truly wants to go the distance, to create the life of their dreams, gets themselves a coach, gets themselves a team. Now you have a champion.

To share thoughts, ask questions or have a possibility conversation, feel free to call or text me at 360-836-9004. I love to have powerful conversations with people about their possibilities.

Linda Scholten

Professional and Life Coach

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