By Linda Scholten

Trans is a big thing these days!!! In the news we hear about trans-gender and trans-racial. There’s a great show on Amazon called Trans-parent. In personal development, we have trans-scend, trans-formation, trans-ition…

I love looking words up in the dictionary – there is often a deeper meaning to words than our common use of the word. So I looked up trans, and there were 4 definitions. When I strung them together, here is what came up for Trans: “on or to the other side of: across or beyond; through: so as to change in form or position” I am writing here about the type of trans that I am most excited about: Trans-formation!

What is transformation, really? “A complete or major change in someone's or something's appearance, form, etc.” There are many versions of a saying that makes me think of transformation – I liked this one by Jessica Savitch: “I worked half my life to be an overnight success, and still it took me by surprise.” Transformation is like that. We move across, go beyond, go through – so as to achieve that complete or major change in our form. This moving through, going beyond and going across, is the work of transformation.

We’ve all seen the before and after pictures of people who have had a major weight loss. I don’t know about you, but I have fallen for the quick fix. I want the after – now! There are multi-billion dollar industries built around the lure of “after”, the quick fix. I remember watching Oprah one day, and she was talking about her weight and health. She said something like – I have money – if there was a quick fix, I’d have bought it. There is no quick fix to transformation. If you are practicing yoga, following a food plan, meditating, or any other form of discipline, you know this.

The formula for transformation is simple (which is not to say easy)!

Where do you start? Where you are right now! Own it! There is no “wrong” place to start if it is truly where you are. This is your unique point of origin. The caterpillar doesn’t become a butterfly by denying that it is a caterpillar right now. The potential, the possibility of butterfly absolutely exists in the caterpillar. But he’s got a few things to go through, across, beyond, to get there. Let’s call this point of origin “A”.

Where do you want to be? What is your vision for where you want to be? This is your point of destination. The more specific and richly you envision this, the more compelled you will be to get there. Let’s call this point of destination “B”.

Now for the good stuff. As a coach, this is the action I live for: getting from A to B. This is the journey, the getting through, across, and beyond. This is the stuff of transformation. Let’s call this process “C”.

Here is how I’ve seen it drawn up:

A -> ___________________ -> B


See, I told you it is simple! This diagram illustrates transformation, and it also illustrates the process of coaching. “C” also stands for the coaching that supports you in getting from A to B.

You want the best shot at transformation? Get a life coach. A coach supports people in their transformation, on their journey. Coaching accelerates the process, deepens awareness, self-knowledge, and strengthens the connection to transformation. Having a coach is having a team. You think Oprah, Olympic athletes and the other greats, get there all by themselves? The more support we have the more likely we are to create where we want to be.

Remember to celebrate and reward yourself along the way. Every step is a step forward. Even if it feels like a step back, or you feel stuck and need to overcome a challenge or obstacle, or you’re in the muck of transformation and can’t see the end goal (think of the chrysalis stage between caterpillar and butterfly). These are all part of the journey of transformation.

Here’s some final great advice on transformation from Dory (from Finding Nemo): “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming”!

Linda Scholten’s Biography

Linda’s purpose and passion as a professional coach is to inspire, motivate and partner with clients to open up to their possibility and greatness– to live their lives with purpose, intention, and passion – to achieve their potential, experience transformation, and create the life of their dreams. Linda owns and operates Integrity Coaching Unlimited (ICU), and is a mentor coach at Accomplishment Coaching, “the world’s coach finest training program”. She brings powerful insight and keen intuition, humor, calm, compassion, integrity, strength, focus and loyalty to each of her clients. Clients often choose coaching to work on areas such as career, health, wellness, relationships, family, dealing with life’s challenges, burn-out, navigating transitions, etc. She supports clients in creating their vision, examining their beliefs, looking at what is currently working in their lives, what is holding them back, and champions them to create the life of which they’ve dreamed, in harmony with their values, passion and purpose. Linda brings to her coaching, a background of over 30 years of experience in counseling, and has a BA in Psychology, and MA in Counseling. She has worked as Coach, Counselor, Supervisor, Clinical Director, Manager and Business Owner. She has a strong value in serving humanity, has facilitated self-awareness seminars for 15 years, writes articles on self-awareness and personal growth, and is committed to creating peace in the world, and in ourselves. To discuss coaching or to schedule a complimentary sample session, contact Linda at 360-836-9004 or email her at: