Student Spotlight: Necco

Bikram Yoga AZ Student Spotlight: Necco “Good, better, best never let it rest until your good becomes better and your better becomes best.”

After a little over a year of practicing Bikram Yoga, Necco has had some tremendous results. My mind before the yoga was chaotic and always racing. I now live with purpose and intention. With prayer, Bikram yoga and changes to my diet I have lost over 80 pounds. She has not had to heal any physical injuries but has worked through emotional wounds that the yoga helped her to acknowledge, allowing her to heal and move on.

It wasn’t quite love at first sight for Necco with the yoga. “I came with a few of my co-worker's and loved the way I felt after the 2nd class. After the 1st class I questioned the friendship of the people that thought it was a good idea to bring me to such a place!” But after sticking with it, she has really experienced the benefits of a consistent Bikram Yoga practice. She advises new students, “Continue to come even when the voices in your head tells you not to. What's good for you is not always good to you!”

She took her own advice when it came to camel pose! Camel is now my favorite posture for many reasons. It took me months to even attempt the posture without feeling sick to my stomach. I meditated and realized that I had some un-resolved issues that needed to be dealt with and some un-spoken words that needed to be said. Once I took care of that business I was able to get into the posture with ease. I no longer dread camel but now use it as my emotional thermometer.