Bikram Yoga - "It's Like a Cruise Ship!"

Bikram Yoga Paradise Valley's October 2012 Student of the Month, on yoga.  When David heard about Bikram Yoga more than a year ago from another BYPV student he decided to give it a try. 

He says that before starting yoga he was "out of shape, more of a couch potato, no motivation, and lots of stress". Now, he says he's in much better shape. "My stress level is way down and in general I just feel better.  Yoga has definitely helped my knees after years of karate and many operations. My knees feel 'younger' and I'm still working on locking them! I have also had six shoulder surgeries that have not helped my flexibility, but by practicing yoga my shoulders are starting to feel more limber."

David says his favorite postures are in the spine strengthening series. "I like all of the postures done on the belly. It stretches me out and I can feel my back getting stronger when I do them."

When asked what advice he would give new students, David says, "Just stick with it. It's like a cruise ship, the more you participate the more fun you have!"