National Yoga Asana Championship 2016


By Scott Mullen

Recently I had the opportunity to represent myself, Bikram Yoga Arizona (BYAZ) and the State of Arizona at the 2016 Yoga Nationals in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This would not have been possible without the love and support of my wife, Jen, and kids, Victoria and Patrick. Nor would it have been possible without the teaching and coaching of Nicole Deacon and all the teachers and staff at BYAZ. You are the best, I thank you!!

In class, outside too, there is always talk of us being a yoga family. It is 100% true. Our traveling group from the valley included 50, 40, 30 and 20 somethings, it had 60-degree temperature changes and snow, it included three states and featured thousands of feet of breath-taking elevation change (on the road and in the air). Our journey had shining moments on the stage. It had laughs and cheers, applause and tears. We were fortunate to have shared that together and want to share it again! That is family.

This experience for me also would not have been possible without the generosity and support from all of my classmates at BYAZ. June marks two and a half years since I began practicing yoga and it's been done almost always at BYAZ. Knowing I am not alone in class suffering through, and once in a while smiling through, postures keeps me motivated to practice. I'm also motivated knowing I need to be front row at 7:30 classes on the weekend or I need to be there early to claim that one cool spot at 9:30 classes on Tuesay and Friday or 5:30 am classes in the summer are the coolest of the day! My yoga experiences in class have also included laughs and cheers, applause and tears. Thank you for sharing with me, I look forward to many more with the BYAZ family.

Lastly, my individual journey to compete was excellent! The opportunity to be under the spotlight, center stage at the Jackson Hole Performing Arts Center performing six yoga postures that I love, and maybe dislike, to do was amazing. My routine and postures were very good but it wasn't enough to advance to the semi-finals. Prior to competing, I took a 90 minute hot yoga  class in a local studio with 35 other competitors and three locals. It was packed and a really great class. It is ok to know your limits and take a break when needed to regroup! After competing I had the  opportunity to watch Vanessa, Mara and Arynn perform their routines onstage. They were awesome!  There was also a little time to experience Jackson Hole. I highly recommend it!!

Thank you!

Scott Mullen