Student Spotlight: Sue

This month, Sue will celebrate her 3-year anniversary of practicing Bikram Yoga. In just 3 short years, Sue has taken over 1,050 classes! That's amazing!

Over the past year, she has been practicing every day, at different times during the week. "It is challenging, cleansing and healing", Sue says. She continues to workout, bike and keep active as she did before yoga. Now, she does all with less intensity yet more ease.

Bikram Yoga hooked me gradually, as it "worked for me and was a changing structure, it gave me purpose and inner joy."

"I no longer have as many minor aches and pains. My body heals from injuries quicker and cleanses itself from the inside out, flushing both mental and physical toxins more rapidly. While doing Bikram Yoga, I healed broken ribs and even did the series with a broken bone in my foot!"

Sue says asking her which posture is her favorite is not a fair question! "Camel heals the spine, thus everything else because as we all know, everything is connected to the spine. Throughout the day I break out into backbends, both mini ones and full ones. They instantly rejuvenate me!"

When Sue talks to new students about BY (even random people on the street, haha), "I froth at the mouth because it encompasses everything positive for your well-being. I tell people to just give it a try and then come back a few times, to really give it a chance."