March Student of the Month: Malar Sathasivam


Malar has been practicing Bikram Yoga for 3 years now and was first told about Bikram Yoga from a friend but was actually motivated to stick with it by her mom! She says, “a friend of mine mentioned the name and I looked it up online and came in for a trial class. My Mom motivated me to stick through the trial period.” Malar eventually enjoyed the yoga and studio so much that she even moved in order to be closer to the studio and her work!

Before Bikram Yoga Malar says she used to be sluggish, achy, and lazy all the time. She says, “my energy levels were low and working out at the gym left me achy and sore.” One of the biggest benefits that Malar finds to doing this yoga is that it helps with her achiness and soreness, stating “the health benefits are innumerable and very subtle I believe. The one thing I did discover that is not touted is the ability to bounce back quicker and better after a bout of illness or injury. Every time I have an injury or ache and I take a couple of yoga classes and they go away. I haven't taken any pain reliever in a long time. Anytime I feel achy and sore I just head to yoga.”

Malar also contributes this yoga to making her a better dancer saying, “I want to keep dancing even after all my friends are done!” On a more serious note, she says it is a personality trait, “I have never in the past stuck to any activity this long. I have learned endurance for life. I will carry the lesson of not giving up everywhere with me.”

When asked what her favorite posture is, Malar says Standing Bow Pose! Over time she has been able to see her leg come up higher and higher above her head in the mirror. “Only yogis know this feeling,” she says.

As for her advice for new students, Malar says, “Keep coming in. When I first started and was about to give up after my trial period, Steve made me sign up for 3 months. He said commit to it for 4 months and if you still want to quit after that it should be okay. Well, here I am 3 years later.”

Top 5 things I love about our studio

1) The community - such a wonderful people you practice with and awesome teachers

2) Evolution - I love the way the studio has evolved with new classes and still holding onto the roots

3) Fun parties - love meeting and talking with everyone outside the studio

4) Schedule - I'm so grateful for the number of classes you have in a day or during holidays no excuse for missing any

5) Challenge/training - I love the challenge series and training the studio provides for competition, enabling us to reach the next level