The Hardest Part is Just Getting There

By Erin Wall

You've probably heard before the teacher starts class, "The hard part is over, you are on your mat and towel". We all know sometimes just getting to the studio is the hardest part. Whether your alarm is set for 4:45 to get out of bed or you have to come directly from work, it is so easy to talk yourself out of class and into hitting your snooze button or hitting happy hour with your friends instead. The internal battle of "Should I go take class today?" can be never-ending for some of us. I can't tell you how many times I have sat in my car (in my driveway or in front of the studio) contemplating till the last possible second if I want to take class. A lot of times I would rather stay in bed a little longer or work more or fill my day with anything but the yoga, but 99% of the time I get out of my car and walk into the studio for class. Usually the question I ask myself anytime I'm in this predicament is "Have you ever regretted taking class?", the answer is always no! No matter how much effort it takes to get there, you are always so happy you made it when the 90 minutes is over and you are enjoying your final savasana. There is no better feeling. I hear so often as our students walk into the studio, "I almost didn't come today; I am tired, I am so busy, I am having a really bad day, etc". These are all very normal feelings and thoughts, and the days where it is hard to get to class are the days you really need it. You always feel better even if you can't do as much for whatever reason. This yoga can be really hard and if you have been coming awhile you know it challenges you both mentally and physically. Sometimes that is the reason behind not wanting to do the yoga; its in your face and its pushing your own buttons and bringing up things you're trying to hide or escape from. It's not easy to face your own self everyday. You know there are days where you struggle with balance or during the floor series, or you feel like you can't breathe or focus on anything. Regardless of what you're feeling and experiencing during a certain posture or throughout class, no matter how much you can or can't do on any given day, no matter how much you are struggling; you always feel better at the end of the 90 minutes. It's so worth it. Just get there, I promise you will never regret it, I never do! :)