Student Spotlight: Craig

By Craig Miller

Bikram Yoga came into my life almost by chance.  I had overheard a conversation among some guys regarding their exercise routines. One of the guys said that all he did anymore was yoga, and I thought to myself how strange that was because I had no idea what yoga was all about.  I did some research, and read the great article that appeared in O Magazine about the lady who did the Bikram Yoga 60 day challenge and it changed her life.  So at 50 years old, I decided to try it for myself.  I went to my first Bikram Yoga class three years ago on Sunday morning December 12, 2010 at the old Paradise Valley studio (across the street from where we are now). The room was hot and it was tough but I realized then that I could do it, and it was something that was worth doing.  So I kept coming back, and 3 years later on my anniversary at the studio I had done 593 classes.  The reason that I know how many classes I have taken, and when I started is because I have kept track of every one of those classes I have taken.  I know it sounds a little strange but when I first started it just seemed like the right thing to do keep track of my progress.  I have done that ever since and I am really glad that I did.


Before Bikram Yoga, I tried to keep in shape and work out, but I never found anything that I wanted to do on a consistent basis and also get results.  I used to have a lot of back pain that I just chalked up to being a weekend warrior.  After doing Bikram Yoga for a while, my back did not hurt as much after playing tennis or golf.  I don’t remember any “aha moments” when I realized that I was not having the normal pain, it just did not happen as much anymore.  I know I am stronger and more flexible but the biggest benefit is the confidence that I have now to do all the stuff I enjoy and not worry so much about the nagging aches and pains.  That peace of mind goes a long way towards getting out there and going for it.  When I do the challenges that the studio puts together, I know that hard work and commitment will make it happen and that I have the strength to do it.  That is a good feeling.

Of course the main reason anyone really sticks with a healthy routine for a long period of time is to improve their lives.  I want to continue doing Bikram Yoga because there is so much of this world to see and do, and I want to be in good shape both mentally and physically to do it.  What’s great about BYAZ is that all the teachers make it fun and challenging.  They have made a huge difference in my life.  Oh and one more thing, if an average old guy like me, who keeps falling out of the postures, can be Student of the Month, anyone can.  Keep up the good work, and see you at class.

My Top 5 List:  The Top 5 reasons you should join The Bikram Yoga Paradise Valley Men’s Club -- by Craig Miller

Number 5: You can goof around with Sam Rogers and me in the hall before the 3:30pm class starts.

Number 4: You can be on the ground floor of a small but exclusive group of guys who cause all kinds of trouble.

Number 3: We have great honorary women members, and are always looking for more.

Number 2: Any group whose motto is, “we like our beer cold and our yoga hot” is your kind of place.

Number 1: We have way cool tee shirts – so pick up your shirt at the studio and join the fun!

A Final Savasana Quote

It is only those people who are not rowing the boat that have time to cause problems for the others on the boat.  By doing this yoga you are moving your life forward and making yourself a better person that can do more good things for the people in your boat and in your life.