5 Things I Found in Bali

5 Things I Found in Bali, By Kelly Deacon

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a Bali retreat. Bali, referred to as the Island of the Gods, did not disappoint. This wasn’t just a trip to Bali – this was a carefully orchestrated Bali experience. Coordinated by a group of amazing people who know the island and understand the depth of what it has to offer. It’s difficult to imagine that just experiencing a place so magical could be topped, but the personal development teachings, guided meditations, and healing sessions made this the trip of a lifetime. 

There were so many layers to this experience it’s difficult to narrow it down, but I’ve captured some of the most impactful takeaways in this summary of five things I found while in Bali.

  1. Beauty – I’m no world traveler, so I’ll have to defer to other, more experienced travelers here, but Bali may very well be one of the world’s most beautiful places. I found myself constantly in awe. Everywhere I looked I saw the most striking scenes. From the vibrant green rice terraces, to ornate temples at every turn, to interesting artwork, and delicious food. Possibly the most beautiful were the people. Kind, generous, and curious - always with a genuine smile. The beauty of this place will warm your heart. 
  2. Connection – When you share your secrets with people they quickly become your family. It’s scary to open up, to admit things to yourself and strangers. But you quickly realize you’re safe with these people. These are people who have also taken a risk, are willing to open their hearts to learn something new, and maybe become a different version of themselves. Over the course of 14 days these people became my Bali family and I respect, admire, and love each one of them. 
  3. Spirituality – Our Bali guides provided insights into the history and importance of religion on Bali. No matter what your religious affiliation – even if you have none, it’s impossible to deny the connection to something bigger than ourselves in this place with more than 10,000 temples. Between joining the Balinese in traditional prayers, to guided meditations, to being surrounded by nature I felt a connection I never had before. This is a hard one to describe and I imagine it’s a very personal thing. Religion aside - the history, architecture, and tradition of the Bali temples is awe inspiring.  
  4. Peace – There’s something to be said for being away from home. Away from family. Away from friends. We love all of these people, of course, but we get pulled in so many different directions. And if I’m being honest I find that I sometimes use them to distract myself. There are no distractions in Bali. When friends and family are awake, Bali sleeps. And vice versa. I put my cell phone away and wasn’t tempted to pick it up except for pictures. I sat alone with my thoughts and connecting to the people and places in front of me. I relaxed and breathed and let everything that didn't serve me go. Being on the other side of the world allows a shift in perspective that is nearly impossible to achieve otherwise.   
  5. Myself – I went to Bali with questions. I thought I knew what I wanted out of the trip. What I came home with was that and so much more. What I found I didn’t even know I needed. Didn’t realize I could have. After 40 years I had resolved that this was me and that was that. Well, I was wrong. I’m so much more than I thought. And so much less at the same time. More loving and understanding, more capable and focused, more calm and confident. Less judgmental (of myself and others). Less scattered. Less worried. Less hurt. My Bali retreat healed me in ways I couldn't have imagined possible. 

At its most basic, my Bali experience was a wonderful vacation to a beautiful island. And that’s a good takeaway in and of itself. But this experience also changed me on a soul level – or maybe didn’t change me, but uncovered something in me I had forgotten was there. And that was priceless. 

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