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Student Spotlight: Vikki

Walk into the Bikram Yoga Paradise Valley studio and you will see Vikki's beautiful mandala artwork throughout. Being an artist, she says, "one of the first things I noticed (when I started practicing BY) were the mandalas that I began creating - "Well-Being" and Letting Go". I like the cleansing, detoxifying effect of the sweating and the postures working my entire system. I feel more empowered; being able to do Bikram Yoga helps me know that I have great endurance. I have learned that my tolerance is greater than I thought it was, both inside the yoga studio and out. There is something to be said for staying and "sweating it out". I generally feel more peaceful, capable and competent when I am consistent about the yoga. It also helps keep me disciplined about my eating and drinking choices.

Vikki started the yoga back in 2008 after hearing JohnJay talk about it on the radio. "Picture it, 2008, JohnJay had just discovered Bikram Yoga and talked about it every day on the radio, how challenging and yet awesome it was. I had to see if I could survive a class! My first class was with Misha, I'll never forget it. I really wasn't sure I could make it through, but SO grateful now I never left the room, turns out I can handle a lot more than I thought I could." Ever since the first class, I have been consistently challenged and rewarded. It is not something that can be mastered, always a new experience, even though it is "the same". She advises new students: " There is great strength in realizing you can endure something you previous believed was intolerable." Her favorite quote goes perfect with this thought, stating, "The simple truth is that every moment in every person's life contains the teaching that he or she most needs at that time" from the "I Ching" by Brian Brown Walker.

As for the medical and healing benefits of Bikram Yoga, Vikki says, "the yoga was a diagnostic tool for me, I have learned to move differently after the yoga brought to my attention imbalances in my hips and low back. Now I rarely experience the low back pain that made things very challenging in the beginning." Her favorite posture? "I really like Half-Tortoise, it is a great stretch and who can't use the relaxation equal to 8 hours sleep?!"

I LOVE the experience at BYAZ. I appreciate the passion and dedication of the instructors, the generous portions of humor, fun and special events, the commitment, compassion and camaraderie of the students.

Life is Not a "Dress Rehearsal"

By Susan P. 

I have been practicing Bikram Yoga at PV for 5+ years. I was looking to find an exercise routine when I moved in this area and a friend recommended I give Bikram yoga a try. I came to a very busy class over Labor Day weekend and found everyone very welcoming to me as a newbie. I honestly enjoyed my very first class and came back the next day. I found that the routine and repetition of the basic 26 postures gave me the consistency I wanted to establish for exercising. Overtime BY has come to mean way more than that for me. I have learned how breathing correctly in the postures carries over to my everyday life. When I face a stressful situation at work I am able to just breathe and handle it. I do not get as anxious about things as I used to be. As a matter of fact my close friends have commented that I seem more relaxed and happy. I have always been a morning person so the 5:30 AM class is perfect for me! I love starting my day with yoga. You will find me in the front row next to the stage as this is my comfort zone. I like being next to the instructor and directly in front of the mirror. I would encourage new students to stay with it. I started out slow coming 2 to 3 times a week. The more you come to class the more you learn and find that you can improve on your postures. The other advice I would give is really listen to the dialogue. When I find my mind straying I come right back to the words and I end up having a great class. My favorite posture is Cobra. For me it was one of the most difficult when I started practicing. I still can improve upon it but feel I have made it my best and look forward to doing that posture in every class. I will be celebrating my 65th birthday in the spring and I know that my daily practice of yoga has been the key for my good health and fitness. “Life is not a dress rehearsal” so I think everyone should make up their mind if they want to live it as the very best they can. Things happen that we cannot always control but things we can control can make a difference. I have made wonderful friends at the studio who continue to inspire me in my practice. I am very glad I can call myself part of the BYPV family.